Chapter 20 - Ultrasound Evaluation of the Abdomen


Video 20-1. Cine clip of left lobe liver, sagittal plane.
Video 20-2. Cine clip of right lobe liver, transverse plane.
Video 20-3. Cine clip transverse view of liver demonstrating hepatic veins draining to IVC.
Video 20-4. Cine clip of inferior vena cava posteriorly at the liver demonstrating phasicity with respirations.
Video 20-5. Cine clip of hypoechoic liver abscesses.
Video 20-6. Cine clip of hematoma due to liver laceration.
Video 20-7. Cine clip of normal gallbladder.
Video 20-8. Cine clip of gallbladder with shadowing stones.
Video 20-9. Cine clip of gallbladder wall thickening in cirrhosis.
Video 20-10. Cine clip of the inferior vena cava varying in caliber with respirations.
Video 20-11. Cine clip of the inferior vena cava without and with Valsalva maneuver.